New Phone, Who Dis?

When I was 15, I decided to do what most teens do. You know, jump headfirst into affiliate marketing. I helped a 3-person startup grow to a million dollar revenue-generating company before my 18th birthday. (So you know I was really popular in high school.)

By day, I’m an Experimentation & Analysis Lead at Shopify, the fastest growing SaaS company in history. By night, I’m a freelance writer in the conversion rate optimization and content marketing space.

I briefly studied rhetoric and professional writing (and business) at the University of Waterloo. I made the Dean's Honours List my first year, but dropped out (sorry, mom) when I realized you can't really learn Internet marketing in a traditional classroom.

Ever since, I’ve been passionate about explaining complex marketing concepts the way I wish someone had explained them to me—in plain English.

Let's be friends on Twitter? Let's send each other cat pics? Let's *checks notes* work together?